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New CPD Requirements for Revalidation - 25 March 2024  


The Nautical Institute, working with the Industry Stakeholders, has changed the requirements for revalidation of The NI DP and DPVM certificates that are expiring from 1st January 2024.  


 To make sure that DP operators keep pace with the developing standards in a fast-changing industry, DP and DPVM certificate holders renewing their certificates will now be asked to complete 150 DP sea time days as well as one of the following;  


Complete an NI-accredited Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programme for the required number of years as well as take the NI Revalidation Online Exam   


Complete the DP Refresher and Competency Assessment Course 


The NI has developed a timeline information graphic for DP and DPVMcertificate holders. Please check which year your certificate is due for renewal and what CPD modules and courses you require. 


To help you, we have published two new guides. The first explains how to book your NI Revalidation Online Exam, while the second takes you through the process of completing your online application to revalidate your DP certificate.  


Booking the Remote Revalidation Exam 

Revalidation Online Application Guide 


The current list of accredited CPD suppliers can be found on our Accredited Training Centres page. 

Our FAQs can be found in our Information Centre. 



The Navigator: Maintaining Position - 1 February 2024

The latest issue of The Navigator highlights the important role of the Dynamic Positioning Operator. As David Patraiko explains in his introduction, it might seem as if an automated navigation system like this would remove the need for a person. However, that is very much not the case. These systems cannot work without a highly trained and skilled DP operator (DPO). A DPO must have an excellent understanding of how each of the systems and sensors work. Even more crucially, a DPO must know what to do when things start to go wrong.

Articles by the NI’s how each of the systems and sensors work. Even more crucially, a DPO must know what to do when things start to go wrong. Articles by Capt Qasim Masood, the NI’s Head of Qualifications Marine and Offshore, look at how the system works and the career opportunities that it unlocks. Regular features explore career development, look at what we can learn from incident reporting, and offer a bitesize summary for those in a hurry. Click here to read.


DP Applications - New Online Process – 16 August 2023


The online process for New, Upgrade and Conversion applications has now been updated and no longer includes the requirement for the PDF Checklist to be included with the other documents to be uploaded to the online application.


Please note that these changes will apply only to those who have completed the declaration on the checkout page when applying. If you have applied before these changes, you will still need to print and complete the checklist and send with the rest of your documents.



Suspended Delivery Service - 2 March 2022



Due to the current crisis in Ukraine, DHL has suspended all deliveries to Russia and Belarus for the foreseeable future. DHL are however, now delivering to some regions within the Ukraine.  Below is a list of the Regions/Cities that DHL are unable to deliver to.




We will be holding documents with a return address that is in either Russia, or any of the above areas until an alternative address is provided. If you wish to update your address, you may do this by signing into your Alexis Platform account and updating your personal details.


Please note that if you wish your documents to be returned to a company address, we will also require the name and job title of the person who is to receive the documents on your behalf.



Ukrainian DPOs Certification extension - 14 March 2022


The Nautical Institute has granted an immediate extension to the validity period of these DP Certificates due to expire during 2022. Please read the circular below for full details.

DPTC 002-2022

What is DP?

Dynamic Positioning is a vessel capability provided individual systems & functions.

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How do I apply?

Please apply online using our DP application process.

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Got a DP query?

Please refer to our FAQs and Guidance Notes.


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